'Universal' cylinder lube more widely available

10 Mar 2008, 07:39 GMT

Total Lubmarine has been developing the supply infrastructure behind the launch of its new cylinder oil for use in engines running either high or low sulphur bunker fuel.

Lubmarine offers 'one size fits all' cylinder oil

Lubmarine offers 'one size fits all' cylinder oil

''The research started five years ago and is now commercially available after developing additional storage and blending facilities for the product,'' Caroline Huot, managing director of Lubmarine Asia Pacific, told Bunkerworld.

Talusia Universal is available in Hong Kong,  Kaohsiung and Singapore ports, mainly catering to shipping lines such as Hanjin and CMA CGM and vessels going into Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs).

Huot said Talusia Universal was a ''unique and innovative cylinder oil'' that could be used with all kinds of marine fuels without changing the lube oil feed rate, and without compromising the safety of the engine whatever the fuel burned.

The new product, currently into its first year of commercial sale, is designed for use with all two-stroke engines running on heavy fuel oil with sulphur content between 0.5-4.5%.

The cylinder oil has a base number (BN) of 57. The BN indicates the lubricant's potential to neutralize the acidity formed during the combustion inside the engine, acidity mainly caused by the sulphur present in the fuel.

Lubricants with a high BN in engines burning low-sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) may cause deposit, while a low BN in engines running on high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) may cause corrosive wears.

The use of Talusia Universal allows ship operators to switch between fuels of different sulphur content to comply with SECA regulations.

''This kind of breakthrough can ease and quicken the process of implementations of SECAs. Shipping firms would find it more convenient to apply the legislation,'' said Huot.

She stressed that the necessity for Lubmarine to continue its research on marine lubricants in the face of the ever on-going legislative changes remained.

Lubmarine is the marine lubricants arm of French oil major Total.

Lee Hong Liang | Mon Mar 10 07:39 GMT 2008