Lloyd’s List

Wedenesday, November 14th 2007


Total Lubmarine seals training deal with Vladivostok Maritime University


TOTAL Lubmarine, the French marine lubes specialist, is strengthening its links with Asian maritime training institutes after tying up a deal with Vladivostok Maritime University in Russia’s far east.


Preliminary links have already been established after one of the university’s teaching staff attended a Total Lubmarine technical conference last week in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in western China.


Total Lubmarine Asia Pacific managing director Caroline Huot will visit Vladivostok between December 10-12 to finalise a detailed action plan with the university for next year.


I have to say that of all our co-operations this one is the most important to me,” Ms Huot told Lloyd’s List. This is because there are wide areas of development in an industry Russia started to consider as strategic 10 years ago and also because this particular part of Russia’s shipping market has been closed for so long.


She added that with the opening up of the development of the oil and gas industry in northern Russian “we are somewhat pioneering”.


Ms Huot said that while most maritime colleges have developed courses on lubrication, the general feeling is they do not go far enough.


Consequently, the aim of forging closer links with maritime universities is to offer Total’s technical and operational expertise to help students understand more about the importance of lubricants in the efficient running of ships’ engines.


General issues such as the safe storage and use of lubricants onboard are also considered.


As part of this co-operation, Ms Huot said the company arranges visits to ships to show cadets what to check, how to carry out lubes checks onboard and other related issues. She said that at a general level it also familiarises them with shipboard operations.


The tie-up with Vladivostok Maritime University is the latest in a series of initiatives to seek closer relations with training organisations.


We have had ongoing co-operation with Dalian Maritime University for several years and Tokyo Maritime University as well,” Ms Huot said.


She added that while the Vladivostok university “has been the main target for this year because it is an important part of the maritime community”, Total Lubmarine is also in talks with Auckland Maritime Academy and Taiwan Maritime University.


Ms Huot acknowledged cadets would later work for companies such as Fesco and Cosco so there is an advantage in introducing them to Total Lubmarine products at an early stage in their careers. But she added that these and other firms are already large customers. As a result Total Lubmarine has a genuine interest in helping educate maritime students.